The Kitchen


porticoThe small room with large windows overlooking the park welcomes you in a warm atmosphere and the cook tickles the palate with creative culinary combinations from the typical “cicchetti” to more sophisticated dishes.cicchettiFor a business lunch or a dinner with friends, for a ceremony or are waiting for good food and friendly hospitality, the soul of the farm. Our menu’ are characterized by fresh and seasonal and homemade, old flavors fragrances that evoke memories of Sundays spent in the kitchens of the grandmother. zucchineFresh products that come from our garden, make our menu ‘always different, attractive and appetizing …… Flan on fondue, fried vegetables, salad Russian, bruschetta rustic … Maltagliati, tagliatelle, ravioli, cappelletti, lasagna worked by the skilled hands of those who use old recipes, Risotto, crep, gnocchi, rolled chicken, guinea fowl, turkey, succulent roasts, grills, rolls, kebabs ….. tarts, donuts, soft cakes, meringue, saporiautunno-300yarrow, creams, frozen desserts and many other sweet delights await you. A succession of products, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, cheeses presented during the tasting better and all strictly zero km. And keeping up with nature, we will also have helped our farmers to do their job well.

Dinner must be booked in the morning